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Creating an account

Creating an account is very easy: click Create account in the top toolbar, give a user name, a password, and your real name.

Once logged in, you have the right to edit discussion pages. Everyone is encouraged to join the open problem discussions, which can be accessed using the discussion tab at the top of each page. You can join existing discussions, or start a new discussion simply by writing the first comment on a discussion page.

Rating pages

Readers are encouraged to rate pages even if they are not logged in. The rating form is displayed at the bottom of each page.

Editing pages

Please read Help:Etiquette which describes the rules you are supposed to follow when editing. You may test your editing skills on the Talk:Sandbox page where you are free to try anything. For more detailed help, see Help:Editing.

Mathematical notation

The Help:Notation page contains the description of the non-standard or less widely used mathematical notation that is used on this site.

Other useful hints

  • On Definition or Theorem pages, you may use the What links here link in the toolbox to find related open problems.
  • You can add pages to your Watchlist using the watch tab. The Watchlist displays the latest changes of these pages. The watched pages will appear in bold on the Recent changes page. Note that discussion pages have to be added to the Watchlist separately.
  • There are separate pages for each open problem category, some of them featuring surveys. The corresponding discussion pages can be used for discussions concerning multiple open problems.
  • On the Recent changes page, you can see the recent discussions by setting Namespace to "Talk".
  • To generate a printable version of a page, click "Printable version" on the left sidebar. It is also possible to download the page as PDF via an external server, but the LaTeX rendering looks unpleasant. To create a PDF file containing several pages, use the "Create a book" command on the sidebar; see also Help:Books.

Changing your Preferences

Click on the My preferences link to modify your preferences. Please give your real name there. Detailed help on preferences can be found at Mediawiki. Among others, you can change how mathematical text is displayed, and what is the preferred look (skin) of the webpages. This site is designed to work with the default MonoBook skin. The Modern and Simple skins seem to work fine too.

Help for Editors

Editors have the right to edit and create non-discussion pages. See Help:Editors for a detailed description of the rules and available features. The test area for editors is the Sandbox page.


If you have questions or suggestions that you do not want to post on discussion pages, you can contact us directly by email at Email.png.