Characterization of graphs having a k-connected orientation

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Is it true that a simple graph G has a k-connected orientation if and only if the deletion of any j<k nodes leaves a 2(k-j)-edge-connected graph?

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For [math]k = 2[/math], the conjecture was proved by Carsten Thomassen [1]. The general conjecture has been disproved by Olivier Durand de Gevigney [2]. For [math]k \geq 3[/math], he showed that it is NP-complete to decide if a given graph has a k-connected orientation. By a slight modification of the proof, he could also show that the problem of deciding the existence of a rooted k-connected orientation is NP-complete if [math]k \geq 3[/math].


Gerards [3] observed that every 4-regular 4-edge-connected graph has a 2-connected orientation. Later Berg and Jordán [4] proved that the conjecture is true for k=2 in any Eulerian graph. A simpler proof for this case was found by Király and Szigeti [5][6]. The conjecture was verified for Halin graphs by Cheriyan and Zou [7].

For general graphs even the k=2 case was open for a long time. A sufficient condition was found by Jordán [8]: every 18-connected graph has a 2-connected orientation. This was recently improved to 14-connectivity by Cheriyan, Durand de Gevigney and Szigeti [9]. The conjecture itself for k=2 was recently proved by Thomassen [1].

The property that the deletion of any j<k nodes leaves a 2(k-j)-edge-connected graph is a special case of [math](n,\lambda)[/math]-connectivity defined by Kaneko and Ota [10], and it can be checked in polynomial time.

The following local version of the conjecture follows from the results of Egawa, Kaneko and Matsumo [11]:

Theorem. An undirected graph with two specified nodes s and t has an orientation in which [math]\kappa(s,t) \geq k[/math] and [math]\kappa(t,s) \geq k[/math] if and only if for every set X of j<k nodes distinct from s and t, G-X is 2(k-j)-edge-connected between s and t.


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