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If G is an undirected graph with even degrees then call two closed Eulerian walks compatible if no pair of incident edges occurs consecutively in both. Is it true that the maximum number of pairwise compatible Euler walks in an Eulerian graph of minimum degree 2d is either 2d-2 or 2d-1?


This conjecture appeared in [1]. Note that the upper bound 2d-1 is easy. It was motivated by an old result of Kotzig [2] which implies it is true when d=2, and Jackson [3] gave a good characterization of connected 4-regular graphs that have 3 pairwise compatible Euler walks. Bouchet [4] gave a more general, defect version of this theorem.

Kotzig had previously conjectured that the upper bound is attained by [math]K_{2d+1}[/math], and this has been verified for arbitrary d in [1]. In [5] the conjecture was also verified when d=3. For more information and references, see [6].

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