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Editors are allowed to edit non-discussion pages, except for some protected pages. The site contains Open problem pages, Open problem categories, and also Definition and Theorem pages that can be referred to in the open problems.

To create a new page, type its title in the search box and click Go. On the subsequent page there will be a create this page option if the page does not exist yet.

Open problems

The simplest way to understand the syntax of open problem pages is to view the source of an existing open problem page. Here are the most important instructions:

  • The description of the open problem should start with <onlyinclude> and end with </onlyinclude>. This is followed by a Remarks section (and possibly other sections) and a References section, which uses the Cite extension. New: the Cite extension now has a feature to separate references from text. This is the preferred way to add references to a page.
  • You may create a page even if only a small part of the expected content is written. In this case, write {{Embryonic}} at the beginning, before the <onlyinclude> tag.
  • At the end of the open problem page, give all categories that the open problem fits into. In addition, add [[Category:Open Problems]]
  • It is useful to create separate pages for definitions and theorems that may be referred to on several pages. These pages have their own categories: [[Category:Definitions]] and [[Category:Theorems]].
  • Links to Wikipedia pages can be added like this: [[Wikipedia:Matroid]].
  • Some notational conventions can be found at Help:Notation.
  • It is easy to add images to pages. You can upload an image using the Upload file link on the left. Please do not upload large images. After you have uploaded MyImage.png, you can include it on a page by writing [[File:MyImage.png]].

Open problem categories

Each open problem category has a separate page, which is not the page in the Category namespace. For example the page for Packing common bases is Packing common bases, not Category:Packing common bases (the latter should be redirected to the former). Here again the simplest way to understand the structure and syntax is to check out an existing page.

  • To include the text of an open problem on the page, you can use {{IncludeOpenProblem|Open problem name}}. This displays the description of the problem in a box.
  • The page has a References section at the end. You do not have to add categories. However, if you create a new open problem category, please add [[Category:Open Problem Categories]] to the page in the Category namespace.