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The wiki format gives almost unlimited freedom for users to edit unprotected pages, so there must be some rules that the users are expected to follow voluntarily. On this page we describe the etiquette that applies to this site. One particular feature that distinguishes it from other wikis is that users are supposed to contribute mainly to discussions. Therefore the rules are different for discussion and non-discussion pages.

Editing discussion pages

  • The discussions are intended to be completely free - we welcome any contribution related to the contents of the page. Please always sign your entries (this is done automatically if you use the [new][edit][reply] links to edit the page, and when you make the first comment on a discussion page).
  • Self-promotion is allowed - everybody is encouraged to submit their own results. However, if you mention a new result, please give a reference where a proof can be found. We would like to avoid announcements of results for which no proof is yet publicly available.
  • Do not change other users' comments. You may change or delete your own comments (for example if you find an error in it), but you should not do so if others have already posted replies.
  • Please give your real name in the Preferences section. We cannot prevent fake names, but we believe that this type of discussion is more productive if the identities of the participants are known.

Editing non-discussion pages

  • Non-discussion pages can normally be edited only by the site editors. You are encouraged to suggest modifications on the discussion page - any suggestions and comments are welcome, from typos to proposed new sections.
  • If you have a suggestion for a new page, please suggest it in some discussion or by email to Email.png.
  • If you have the right to edit non-discussion pages, please always fill out the "Summary" box in the editor window.