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Given an undirected graph G=(V,E), find a maximum cardinality 2-matching containing no cycles of length 4 in polynomial time.


A 2-matching is a subgraph of maximum degree 2. A natural relaxation of the Hamiltonian cycle problem is to find a maximum 2-matching containing no cycles of length at most k, also called the maximum [math]C_{\leq k}[/math]-free 2-matching problem. For [math]k\geq 5[/math], this problem is NP-complete [1]. Hartvigsen [2] proposed a solution for k=3. Hence the remaining cases are the square-free 2-matching and the triangle- and square-free 2-matching problems.

For the weighted version, Király [3] showed that the problem is NP-complete for k = 4 even in bipartite graphs with 0-1 weights on the edges. A polynomially solvable special case in bipartite graphs [4][5] is when the weight function is vertex induced on every square (a weight function is vertex induced if for any square with edges [math]e_1,e_2,e_3,e_4[/math] -in order around the square- the sum of the weights of [math]e_1[/math] and [math]e_3[/math] is the same as for [math]e_2[/math] and [math]e_4[/math]). For k=3, Hartvigsen and Li [6], and Kobayashi [7] gave polynomial-time algorithm when the graph is subcubic, that is, when all nodes have degree at most three.

Considering bipartite graphs, the problem of maximum square-free 2-matchings was solved by Hartvigsen [8][9] and Király [10]. Frank [11] gave a generalization to [math]K_{t,t}[/math]-free t-matchings by observing that this is a special case of the Frank-Jordán theorem.

For general graphs, finding a maximum square-free 2-matching is still open. The special case of subcubic graphs was solved by Bérczi and Kobayashi [12], and this was slightly generalized to restricted b-matchings by Bérczi and Végh [13].

The degree sequences of the [math]C_{\leq k}[/math]-free 2-matchings form a jump system for [math]k \leq 3[/math], and do not always form a jump system for [math]k \geq 5[/math], in alignment with the complexity of the maximization problem. Cunningham [14] conjectured that the maximum [math]C_{\leq 4}[/math]-free 2-matching problem is polynomial time solvable, and that the degree sequences of [math]C_{\leq 4}[/math]-free 2-matchings form a jump system. The latter part of this conjecture was confirmed by Kobayashi, Szabó and Takazawa [15], yielding a slight indication that the maximization problem may also be solvable in polynomial time. They also proved that the degree sequences of square-free 2-matchings form a jump system, and that the weighted [math]C_{\leq 4}[/math]-free 2-matchings in a bipartite graph induce an M-concave function on the jump system if and only if the weight function is vertex-induced on every square. This result is also consistent with the polynomial solvability of the weighted [math]C_{\leq 4}[/math]-free 2-matching problem in bipartite graphs.

Related conjectures

The problem is equivalent to Undirected node-connectivity augmentation in the complement of the graph for connectivity requirement n-3.


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