Minimum k-way cut in a hypergraph

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Can we find a minimum k-way cut in a capacitated hypergraph in polynomial time, if k is fixed?


For graphs, Goldschmidt and Hochbaum [1] showed that finding a minimum k-way cut is NP-hard if k is not fixed, and solvable in polynomial time if k is fixed. The currently fastest algorithm for graphs is by Thorup [2].

The hypergraph case seems considerably more difficult. Xiao [3] gave a polynomial time algorithm for k=3, but no algorithm is known for k=4. If the rank (maximum size of hyperedges) of the hypergraph is fixed, then there is a polynomial algorithm by Fukunaga [4] which extends the techniques of Thorup to hypergraphs.

The algorithm of Xiao for k=3 can be extended to the more general submodular k-way partition problem [5]. For symmetric submodular functions, this and another algorithm by Nagamochi and Ibaraki [6] can be exended to the k=4 case [7], but the k=5 case is already open.

Minimum multiway cuts

The minimum multiway cut problem (when k terminals are also given) is APX-hard even for [math]k=3[/math] in graphs. The hypergraph case was studied by Ene and Nguyen [8], who gave a 4/3-approximation for 3-regular hypergraphs. A far-reaching generalization is the submodular multiway partition problem; Chekuri and Ene [9] gave a 2-approximation algorithm for this, and a [math](1.5-1/k)[/math]-approximation if the submodular function is symmetric.


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