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Is it true that if an undirected graph G with terminal set T is 2k-element-connected, then it has a k-element-connected orientation?


An analogous statement for rooted element-connectivity was proved by Király and Lau [1]. A directed graph D with terminal set T is rooted k-element-connected from [math]r \in T[/math] if there are k element-disjoint paths from r to any other node in T. It is NP-complete to decide if a graph has a rooted k-element-connected orientation[1], but Király and Lau proved that if the graph is 2k-element-connected, then for any root [math]r \in T[/math] it has a rooted k-element-connected orientation.

Cheriyan and Zou [2] proved the conjecture for incidence graphs of projective planes, where the terminal set is one side of the bipartition. An important related result is the characterization of graphs having a 2-connected orientation by Thomassen [3], see also Characterization of graphs having a k-connected orientation.


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