Rank of graph divisors

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The rank of divisor [math]D[/math] is the smallest number [math]G[/math] such that by subtracting a divisor of degree [math]k+1[/math] from [math]D[/math], we can get a divisor which is not linearly equivalent to an effective divisor.

Formally, let [math]Div(G)[/math] denote the set of divisors on a graph [math]G[/math]. A graph divisor [math]D[/math] is effective if [math]D(v) \ge 0 [/math] for all [math]v \in V[/math].

Definition(The rank of a divisor [1])

rank(D) = min {[math]\deg(E) - 1[/math]: [math]E \in Div(G)[/math], [math]E[/math] is effective, [math]D-E[/math] is not linearly equivalent to any effective divisor}.



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