Small representations of gammoids

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Does there exists a polynomial p, such that for any gammoid [math]\Gamma[/math] on a node set S, there exists a digraph D=(V,A) with [math]S,U\subseteq V[/math] defining [math]\Gamma[/math], so that [math]|V|\le p(|S|)[/math]?

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In a paper about kernelization, Stefan Kratsch and Magnus Wahlström [1] showed that any gammoid can be represented by a digraph of size at most [math]O(|S|^3)[/math]. Their proof uses a theorem on representative sets in a matroid, due to Lovász [2] and Marx [3]. The algorithm of Marx for the construction of representative sets is randomized, but it can be derandomized using the result of Lokshtanov et al.[4] on the deterministic truncation of linear matroids.


This question was proposed by Mihály Bárász. It is easy to verify that we can choose D=(V,A) with [math]S,U\subseteq V[/math] defining [math]\Gamma[/math] so that [math]|U|=r(\Gamma)[/math]. The question is if [math]|V-(S\cup U)|[/math] can also be bounded.


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