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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
demo/arg_parser_demo.ccArgument parser demo
demo/circulation_demo.ccDemonstrating the usage of LEMON's General Flow algorithm
demo/coloring.ccColoring of a graph
demo/csp_demo.ccDemonstrating the usage of LEMON's algorithm for solving the Constrained shortest Path Problem
demo/descriptor_map_demo.ccUsing descriptor map and own special map types
demo/dijkstra_demo.ccDemonstrating the usage of LEMON's Dijkstra algorithm
demo/dim_to_dot.ccDim (DIMACS) to Dot (Graphviz) converter
demo/disjoint_paths_demo.ccNode and edge disjoint paths in directed graph
demo/eps_demo.ccDemo of the EPS grawing class EpsDrawer
demo/graph_orientation.ccGraph orientation with lower bound requirement on the in-degree of the nodes
demo/graph_to_eps_demo.ccDemo of the graph grawing function graphToEps()
demo/grid_ugraph_demo.ccLabirinth example with grid ugraph
demo/hello_lemon.ccLEMON style "Hello World!" program
demo/hello_world.ccLEMON style "Hello World!" program
demo/kruskal_demo.ccMinimum weight spanning tree by Kruskal algorithm (demo)
demo/lp_demo.ccA program demonstrating the LEMON LP solver interface
demo/lp_maxflow_demo.ccMax flow problem solved with an LP solver (demo)
demo/maps_summary.ccAn introduction to LEMON maps
demo/min_route.ccMinimal route on a planar graph with eucledian distances
demo/mip_demo.ccMixed integer program solver demo
demo/reader_writer_demo.ccDemonstrating graph input and output
demo/sat-2.ccSolver for SAT-2 problems
demo/sat.ccSolver for SAT problems
demo/simann_maxcut_demo.ccA program demonstrating the simulated annealing algorithm class
demo/steiner_demo.ccCalculating an approximate Steiner-tree
demo/strongly_connected_orientation.ccStrongly connected orientation
demo/sub_graph_adaptor_demo.ccComputing maximum number of edge-disjoint shortest paths
demo/tight_edge_filter_map.hTight edge filter map
demo/topological_ordering.ccDemonstrating the Dfs class with topological ordering
demo/topology_demo.ccDemo what shows the result of some topology functions
lemon/arg_parser.hA tools to parse command line arguments
lemon/base.ccSome basic non inline function and static global data
lemon/bellman_ford.hBellmanFord algorithm
lemon/bfs.hBfs algorithm
lemon/bin_heap.hBinary Heap implementation
lemon/bipartite_matching.hMaximum matching algorithms in bipartite graphs
lemon/bpugraph_adaptor.hSeveral graph adaptors
lemon/bucket_heap.hBucket Heap implementation
lemon/cancel_and_tighten.hCancel and Tighten algorithm for finding a minimum cost flow
lemon/capacity_scaling.hCapacity scaling algorithm for finding a minimum cost flow
lemon/circulation.hPush-prelabel algorithm for finding a feasible circulation
lemon/color.ccColor constants
lemon/color.hTools to manage RGB colors
lemon/cost_scaling.hCost scaling algorithm for finding a minimum cost flow
lemon/counter.hTools for counting steps and events
lemon/csp.hAlgorithm for the Resource Constrained Shortest Path problem
lemon/cycle_canceling.hCycle-canceling algorithm for finding a minimum cost flow
lemon/dag_shortest_path.hDagShortestPath algorithm
lemon/dfs.hDfs algorithm
lemon/dijkstra.hDijkstra algorithm
lemon/dim2.hA simple two dimensional vector and a bounding box implementation
lemon/dimacs.hDIMACS file format reader
lemon/dinitz_sleator_tarjan.hImplementation the dynamic tree data structure of Sleator and Tarjan
lemon/dist_log.hMeasure a Distribution
lemon/dynamic_tree.hThe dynamic tree data structure of Sleator and Tarjan
lemon/edge_set.hEdgeSet classes
lemon/edmonds_karp.hImplementation of the Edmonds-Karp algorithm
lemon/elevator.hElevator class
lemon/eps.hSimple tool to create .eps files
lemon/error.hBasic exception classes and error handling
lemon/euler.hEuler tour
lemon/fib_heap.hFibonacci Heap implementation
lemon/floyd_warshall.hFloydWarshall algorithm
lemon/fredman_tarjan.hFredmanTarjan algorithm to compute minimum spanning forest
lemon/full_graph.hFullGraph and FullUGraph classes
lemon/goldberg_tarjan.hImplementation of the preflow algorithm
lemon/gomory_hu_tree.hGomory-Hu cut tree in undirected graphs
lemon/graph_adaptor.hSeveral graph adaptors
lemon/graph_reader.hLemon Graph Format reader
lemon/graph_to_eps.hSimple graph drawer
lemon/graph_utils.hGraph utilities
lemon/graph_writer.hLemon Graph Format writer
lemon/grid_ugraph.hGridUGraph class
lemon/hao_orlin.hImplementation of the Hao-Orlin algorithm
lemon/hypercube_graph.hHyperCubeGraph class
lemon/iterable_maps.hMaps that makes it possible to iterate through the keys having a certain value
lemon/johnson.hJohnson algorithm
lemon/lemon_reader.hLemon Format reader
lemon/lemon_writer.hLemon Format writer
lemon/list_graph.hListGraph, ListUGraph classes
lemon/lp.hDefines a default LP solver
lemon/lp_base.ccThe implementation of the LP solver interface
lemon/lp_base.hThe interface of the LP solver interface
lemon/lp_cplex.ccImplementation of the LEMON-CPLEX lp solver interface
lemon/lp_cplex.hHeader of the LEMON-CPLEX lp solver interface
lemon/lp_glpk.ccImplementation of the LEMON-GLPK lp solver interface
lemon/lp_glpk.hHeader of the LEMON-GLPK lp solver interface
lemon/lp_skeleton.ccA skeleton file to implement LP solver interfaces
lemon/lp_skeleton.hA skeleton file to implement LP solver interfaces
lemon/lp_soplex.ccImplementation of the LEMON-SOPLEX lp solver interface
lemon/lp_soplex.hHeader of the LEMON-SOPLEX lp solver interface
lemon/map_iterator.hIterators on the maps
lemon/maps.hMiscellaneous property maps
lemon/math.hSome extensions to the standard cmath library
lemon/matrix_maps.hMaps indexed with pairs of items
lemon/max_matching.hMaximum matching algorithms in undirected graph
lemon/min_cost_arborescence.hMinimum Cost Arborescence algorithm
lemon/min_cost_flow.hAn efficient algorithm for finding a minimum cost flow
lemon/min_cost_max_flow.hAn efficient algorithm for finding a minimum cost maximum flow
lemon/min_mean_cycle.hHoward's algorithm for finding a minimum mean directed cycle
lemon/mip_cplex.ccImplementation of the LEMON-CPLEX mip solver interface
lemon/mip_cplex.hHeader of the LEMON-CPLEX mip solver interface
lemon/mip_glpk.ccImplementation of the LEMON-GLPK mip solver interface
lemon/mip_glpk.hHeader of the LEMON-GLPK mip solver interface
lemon/nagamochi_ibaraki.hMaximum cardinality search and minimum cut in undirected graphs
lemon/nauty_reader.hNauty file reader
lemon/network_simplex.hNetwork simplex algorithm for finding a minimum cost flow
lemon/path.hClasses for representing paths in graphs
lemon/path_utils.hClasses for representing paths in graphs
lemon/planarity.hPlanarity checking, embedding, drawing and coloring
lemon/polynomial.hA simple class implementing polynomials
lemon/pr_bipartite_matching.hPush-prelabel maximum matching algorithms in bipartite graphs
lemon/preflow.hImplementation of the preflow algorithm
lemon/prim.hPrim algorithm to compute minimum spanning tree
lemon/radix_heap.hRadix Heap implementation
lemon/radix_sort.hRadix sort
lemon/random.ccInstantiation of the Random class
lemon/random.hMersenne Twister random number generator
lemon/refptr.hA reference counted pointer implementation
lemon/simann.hSimulated annealing framework
lemon/smart_graph.hSmartGraph and SmartUGraph classes
lemon/steiner.hAlgorithm for the 2-approximation of Steiner Tree problem
lemon/suurballe.hAn algorithm for finding edge-disjoint paths between two nodes having minimum total length
lemon/tabu_search.hTabuSearch algorithm
lemon/time_measure.hTools for measuring cpu usage
lemon/tolerance.hA basic tool to handle the anomalies of calculation with floating point numbers
lemon/topology.hTopology related algorithms
lemon/ugraph_adaptor.hSeveral graph adaptors
lemon/unionfind.hUnion-Find data structures
lemon/vmap.hVirtual map support
lemon/bits/alteration_notifier.hObserver notifier for graph alteration observers
lemon/bits/array_map.hGraph map based on the array storage
lemon/bits/base_extender.hExtenders for the graph types
lemon/bits/bezier.hClasses to compute with Bezier curves
lemon/bits/debug_map.hVector based graph maps for debugging
lemon/bits/default_map.hGraph maps that construct and destruct their elements dynamically
lemon/bits/edge_set_extender.hExtenders for the edge set types
lemon/bits/graph_adaptor_extender.hExtenders for the graph adaptor types
lemon/bits/graph_extender.hExtenders for the graph types
lemon/bits/invalid.hDefinition of INVALID
lemon/bits/item_reader.hItem reader bits for lemon input
lemon/bits/item_writer.hItem writer bits for lemon output
lemon/bits/map_extender.hExtenders for iterable maps
lemon/bits/traits.hTraits for graphs and maps
lemon/bits/utility.hMiscellaneous basic utilities
lemon/bits/variant.hVariant types
lemon/bits/vector_map.hVector based graph maps
lemon/concepts/bpugraph.hThe concept of Bipartite Undirected Graphs
lemon/concepts/graph.hThe concept of Directed Graphs
lemon/concepts/graph_components.hThe concept of graph components
lemon/concepts/heap.hClasses for representing heaps
lemon/concepts/maps.hMap concepts checking classes for testing and documenting
lemon/concepts/matrix_maps.hMatrixMap concepts checking classes for testing and documenting
lemon/concepts/path.hClasses for representing paths in graphs
lemon/concepts/ugraph.hThe concept of Undirected Graphs
test/test_tools.hSome utilities to write test programs
tools/dim_to_lgf.ccDIMACS to LGF converter
tools/lgf-gen.ccSpecial plane graph generator

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