Disjoint strongly connected spanning subgraphs

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Does there exist a value k so that every k-arc-connected directed graph contains a pair of arc-disjoint strongly connected spanning sub-digraphs?


The conjecture was proposed by Bang-Jensen and Yeo [1], and they proved several cases involving semicomplete digraphs. Yeo showed that it is NP-complete to decide whether a 2-regular digraph has two arc-disjoint strongly connected spanning subdigraphs ([2], Theorem 13.10.1).

Related questions

A similar question can be asked about Disjoint spanning in- and out-arborescences, and several related problems are mentioned in the survey of Bang-Jensen and Kriesell [3]. For example, the following weaker conjecture is also open:

Is there an integer [math]k[/math] such that every [math]k[/math]-arc-connected directed graph can be decomposed into a strongly connected spanning sub-digraph and a weakly connected spanning sub-digraph?


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