Goddyn's conjecture on thin spanning trees

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A spanning tree of a graph G is called [math]\epsilon[/math]-thin if it contains at most an [math]\epsilon[/math] fraction of the edges of each cut. Is there a function [math]f: (0,1)\to {\mathbb Z}_+[/math] such that every [math]f(\epsilon)[/math]-edge-connected graph has an [math]\epsilon[/math]-thin spanning tree?


This is a conjecture of Goddyn [1] that is a stronger version of the [math](2+\epsilon)[/math]-flow conjecture (Open Problem Garden). If it was true for [math]f(x)=2/x-2[/math], then it would imply Jaeger's modular orientation conjecture (Open Problem Garden). Another consequence concerns the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem. If the conjecture was true for some [math]f(x)=O(1/x)[/math], and the thin spanning tree could be found in polynomial time, then ATSP would have a constant factor approximation algorithm [2][3].

It was shown by Oveis Gharan and Saberi [3] that the conjecture is true for graphs of bounded orientable genus. Erickson and Sidiropoulos [4] proved the existence of thin spanning forests with few components in graphs of bounded genus, and used these to obtain an [math]O(\log(g)/\log\log(g))[/math]-approximation for ATSP. Anari and Oveis Gharan [5] proved that a k-edge-connected graph with [math]k \geq 7 \log(n)[/math] has a [math](\mathrm{polylog}(k)/k)[/math]-thin spanning tree.

The notion of [math]\epsilon[/math]-thinness canbe defined similarly for arbitrary edge sets, not just spanning trees. The following theorem follows from the work of Batson, Spielman and Srivastava [6] on spectral sparsifiers.

Theorem. Given an arbitrary graph [math]G=(V,E)[/math], there exists an edge set [math]F \subseteq E[/math] of size [math]|V|[/math] that is [math]4|V|/|E|[/math]-thin in G.

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