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Devise combinatorial polynomial-time algorithms for the following two problems.

  • Given a graph G, find a subgraph H with [math]O(n)[/math] edges such that [math]d_H(X) \geq \Omega(\frac{n}{m}) d_G(X)[/math] for every [math]X \subseteq V[/math]
  • Given a graph G, find a subgraph H with [math]\Omega(n)[/math] edges such that [math]d_H(X) \leq O(\frac{n}{m}) d_G(X)[/math] for every [math]X \subseteq V[/math]


For both properties, the existence of H can be derived from the following theorem, which is a corollary of a result in [1] on spectral sparsifiers (which is in turn based on [2]).

Theorem. Let G=(V,E) be an undirected graph, [math]w:E \to {\mathbb R}_+[/math] a weight function, and [math]E_1,\dots,E_n[/math] a partition of E into n parts. There exists [math]F \subseteq E[/math] of cardinality [math]O(n)[/math] and a weight function [math]z:F \to {\mathbb R}_+[/math] such that the following two properties hold.

  • [math]\sum_{e \in E_i} w_e \leq \sum_{e \in F \cap E_i} z_e \leq \frac{3}{2}\sum_{e \in E_i} w_e[/math] for every [math]i[/math],
  • [math]d_w(X) \leq d_z(X) \leq \frac{3}{2}d_w(X)[/math] for every [math]X \subseteq V[/math].

To obtain the two desired statements, let [math]w(e)=1[/math] for every [math]e \in E[/math], and let [math]E_1,\dots,E_n[/math] be an arbitrary partition of E into n parts such that [math]|E_i|-|E_j| \leq 1[/math] for every [math]i,j[/math]. Let F be the subgraph given by the theorem. It can be seen (see e.g. [3]) that H=F satisfies the first property, while taking H as the n/2 edges in F with highest z values satisfies the second property.

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