Matroid matching

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Let M=(V,r) be a matroid, and let G=(V,E) be a graph. The matroid matching problem is to find a matching [math]F \subseteq E[/math] of maximum cardinality for which V(F) is independent in M. If M is the free matroid, then we obtain the maximum matching problem. Other special cases include the minimum pinning set problem and Mader's disjoint S-paths problem.

It can be assumed w.l.o.g. that G is a collection of independent edges, since the structure of G can be encoded in the matroid. This version is usually called the matroid parity problem.

In general, the matroid matching problem is hard: it may require an exponential number of oracle calls [1]. Lovász [2][3][4] gave a min-max formula and a polynomial algorithm for matroid matching in linearly represented matroids. More efficient deterministic algorithms have been found by Gabow and Stallmann [5] and Orlin and Vande Vate [6], while Cheung, Lau and Leung [7] developed fast randomized algorithms.

The Lovász formula and the Gabow-Stallmann algorithm were extended to the linear delta-matroid parity problem by Geelen, Iwata, and Murota [8][9]. Additional results on matroid matching problems involving combinatorially defined matroids can be found in the thesis of Makai [10].


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