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Please read Help:Etiquette which describes the rules you are supposed to follow when editing pages on this website. You can freely experiment with editing at the Talk:Sandbox page. For help on editing non-discussion pages, see Help:Editors.

Editing discussion pages

All registered users are allowed and encouraged to contribute to discussion pages. For every page on the site, there is an associated discussion (or talk) page, which can be accessed using the discussion tab at the top of the page. If the discussion page does not exist yet (the discussion tab is red), you can create it by clicking on the discussion tab and typing the first comment in the editing box. Here are some guidelines:

  • Always give a subject/headline for a new comment.
  • When there are already comments on the page, use the [new][edit][reply] links on the right to create or edit comments. Do not use the edit tab at the top of the page.
    • [new] creates a new comment and puts it at the end of the page.
    • [edit] can be used to edit an existing comment. Please use this only if necessary.
    • [reply] posts a reply to an existing comment. The reply will appear below that comment on the page.
  • To see a preview, click the Show preview button. Remember that this does not save your contribution!
  • You can submit your contribution using the Save page button. Your name will be added automatically to the subject line.

Formatting your text

You can use the standard formatting commands of Mediawiki, which is the engine behind Wikipedia. Here are the relevant help pages from the Mediawiki site:

The edit toolbar at the top of the editing window provides some shortcuts. For mathematical formulas, use LaTeX commands like this: <math>\frac{\alpha}{(1-x)^2} </math>, which results in [math]\frac{\alpha}{(1-x)^2} [/math]

You can press Show preview to check the formatting of your contribution. Note that Show preview does not save your contribution - do not forget to save it using Save page!